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O-Mega™ Stun Guns' History

So far as we can ascertain, TATICAL ELECTRONICS had its true beginning in 1969 when, the U.S. Government Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence #11469, created under Pres. Lyndon B Johnson concluded: “The federal government should join with private industry to speed the development of an effective non-lethal weapon. We consider this recommendation to be of the utmost importance. So long as crime rates mount in this nation and civil disorders threaten, law-abiding Americans, understandably fear for their safety. An effective non-lethal weapon could serve defense needs without risk to human life”. In 1972, the U.S. Dept. of Justice (DOJ), in conjunction with National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored a national conference on research needs for non-lethal weapons. On or about 1981, Jack Cover, an engineer and inventor, then developed the “TASER”, which was also classified as a firearm, because it used gun powder, and therefore use was not allowed by the public; however, some police departments began to use it (it is now being discontinued everywhere because of many problems of unreliability and difficulty in use). In 1986, the U.S. Attorney General’s Less Than Lethal Weapon conference was convened by then Attorney General Edin Meese to reassess the progress of less than lethal weapons development & explore issues to be considered in future development areas.

In 1985-86, California legalized the use of stun guns (electronic shock weapons) for use by the general public in Penal Code Sections 12650-4 et seq.; they can be used by persons as young as sixteen years of age with parental consent. They are not to be sold to known felons or drug addicts. This bill legalizing stun guns was sponsored by The California Highway Patrol, Professional Police Officers Association, and Beaumont, California and Banning, California Unified School Districts. In April of 1991, The Bureau of Collection and Investigative Services of The State of California-State and Consumer Services Agency stated: “… the bureau no longer considers stun guns to be deadly weapons and will not prohibit their use by registered security guards. However, we strongly recommend that employers encourage their employees to carefully read and follow manufacturers instructions and seek proper training before carrying and using a stun gun while on duty.

After that beginning, two companies, O-Mega™ being one of them (the other is in bankruptcy) began to refine the tactical electronics field. By 1985, O-Mega™ had already designed and was selling its first two models, which we have added to every year since, both in electronic efficiency and design. The O-MEGA NETWORK, INC. is a duly authorized California Corporation, in good standing. O-Mega™ is currently owned and operated by S. ZANE ROTHSCHILD, an U.S. citizen and attorney and member in good standing of the California State Bar (State Bar No. #45859) for approximately twenty four years; also admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit Federal Court.

O-Mega™ designs its products in LONG BEACH, California, and has been lucky enough to have the services of one of the most brilliant engineers on the planet (brought in as an outside consultant when MARTIN MARIETTA and many other large and well known engineering firms couldn’t remedy an engineer problem, our engineer was responsible for correcting a flaw in the Patriot missile which allowed the project to be completed); we assemble our products in Taiwan, molding and circuit boards, we buy our coils in England, and our capacitors from Japan; and our strobe lights from West Germany.

Some police departments, chosen at random, that use O-Mega™ products are: Australian Federal Police, Australia; Bunkie, California, Police Dept.; Cathedral City, California, Police; Calhoun County, West Virginia, Sheriff’s Dept.; Hartford County, Connecticut, Sheriff’s Dept.; Jones County, Mississippi, Sheriff’s Dept.; Nassau County, Florida, Courthouse Bailiff’s Dept.; Salt Lake City, Utah, Jail; many FBI, SECRET SERVICE, & other Federal officers; we also have orders pending from the Federal Police department of Germany; Federal police of Taiwan; and the governments of: Malaysia; Thailand; Israel; Czechoslovakia; Brazil and others.

O-Mega™ has been called in by The Los Angeles Police Department to design a custom tactical restraint unit which could be used at a greater distance from a suspect. Sgt. Glen Hees, the electronics and tactics instructor at their police academy in Los Angeles has been working with O-Mega™ in the design of this, soon-to-be-released, new product. The “X-CALIBER TRU TM” by O-MEGA™ (X-CALIBER TACTICAL RESTRAINT UNIT). Sgt. Hees, who tests all the electronic products on himself has said that “O-Mega™ makes the best tactical electronic products”, in his opinion; and that is what you’ll find in his home and police locker. O-Mega™ has also been rated as the number one stun gun by an independent book on stun guns.

The use of TACTICAL ELECTRONICS is a humane and safe improvement in the use of force scale generally accepted by law enforcement in the United States: The primary objective of the application of physical force is to insure the control of a suspect with only the minimum force necessary. The types of force an officer may utilize vary depending on the degree of resistance or aggressive behavior used by a suspect; the officer should always gain and maintain an advantageous position when in such a confrontational situation. The generally accepted use of force scale is as follows: mere presence; verbalization; firm grip and pain compliance; ELECTRONIIC TACTICAL RESTRAINT, chemical irritant, batons, and kicks; upper body control holds (carotid choke holds); firearms. The use of O-Mega™ tactical electronic products is highly effective because in addition to its ability to cause physical compliance through the application of a safe amount of low amperage, high voltage electricity; it also causes a high degree of psychological compliance, without any use of force, because of the common human fear of electrical shocks. O-Mega ™ has engineered its products with, an attention getting, bright and loud visible and audible display of electricity arching, to help gain compliance without the use of physical force. In contrast to firearms, batons, and chemical agents, the possibility of injury to third parties are all but eliminated. As stated by American for Effective Law Enforcement, Inc. (AELE) in Use of Force Tactics & Non-Lethal Weaponry, 1988, “Methods or weapons that have a low likelihood of causing injury, but a high potential for control, should be encouraged.

There has never been any long lasting physical impairment from the use of an O-Mega™ tactical electronic product; and our product line has just been tested by Dr. Robert Stratbucker, M.D., Ph.D.., the recognized world leader in the use and effect of tactical electronics on the body; the report is due momentarily but all preliminary results show that our products have all been found to be less than lethal and will not cause heart failure. The wonderfully humane part of all our products is that even though they cause either physical or psychological compliance, the recipient will walk away in a few moments with no lasting effect or damage. O-Mega™ has never had a claim filed against it for product liability in its almost ten years of business.

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